New declaration of the Committee of Ministers


Declaration on equal pay and equal opportunities for women and men in employment, Decl(17/03/2021)1, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 17 March 2021
This new declaration of the Committee of Ministers reminds that Equality between women and men is among the fundamental human rights which all Council of Europe member States have undertaken to respect. Therefore, the fundamental prohibition of discrimination and the human right to equal pay for work of equal value, to equal opportunities and to equal treatment have been the subject of numerous decisions, conclusions and statements of interpretation of the European Committee of Social Rights.  The Committee of Ministers therefore underlines the importance for member States to:
a) examine domestic legislation and practice in the light of the relevant standards of the Council of Europe,
b) take vigorous action and consider a revision or, where necessary, the adoption of a comprehensive strategy to make measurable progress within reasonable time towards achieving the objectives of equal pay for work of equal value and gender equality in employment.

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